HOMAG – BARGSTEDT Double-Sided Edge Banding ...

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default HOMAG   BARGSTEDT Double Sided Edge Banding Machine

You are looking for a used woodworking machine? Then you might be interested in this used machinery offer: HOMAG – BARGSTEDT Double-Sided Edge Banding Machine. Find more machine tools and other used metalworking, woodworking and plastics processing machinery on www.surplex.com. Surplex is…

My homemade wood lathe and headstock construction. This is a DIY wood lathe made from recycled materials. Details of the parts I used including a schematic of the motor speed control are on my blog: ottobelden.blogspot.com there are 2 posts there with details including a cross section of the DIY lathe headstock. Check out my blog index for more wood and electronic projects: ottobelden.blogspot.com

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25 thoughts on “ HOMAG – BARGSTEDT Double-Sided Edge Banding ...

  1. @SiskinOnUTube
    Great! I’m glad to hear that. If you have any questions I might be able to lend some advice. Feel free to email me, I might be able to help :-)

  2. @OttoBelden I did already thanks. I saved the link to my bookmarks for reference. It’s given me a bit of confidence to try out some ideas.

  3. @SiskinOnUTube
    I’m glad that you like it! If you are interested in how I built it have a look at my blog. I put up a lot of info there.



  4. @MrLeonard55

    I’d be happy to help if I can. You can check out my blog ottobelden.blogspot.com click on the “Site Index of Projects” page at the top and scroll down to the Wood lathe for several posts that I made detailing the construction, speed control circuit etc…
    – Otto

  5. @kipperdude1
    Thanks, one of these days I will get around to making a chuck for this beast or just buying one. I’m glad that you enjoyed the video.
    – Otto

  6. a great lathe and good enginering on the adjustable table only sugestion I can make is to add some good quality grab handles to the tail stock ass. for easier set ups and get the chuck it will be a great thing I love your lathe wish I could have made one that good for my self

  7. @kenny474
    Thanks for checking out my channel. I have been thinking about adding a chuck for some time, I appreciate the suggestion. I’ll look into the Grizzly chucks. You are right about being able to do more with a chuck it’s also much easier to get the work piece onto and off of the lathe.

  8. Pretty nice job, massive capacity as well. Window crank is very innovative, nice idea.

    You may also be able to get a chuck with a thread adapter to thread onto the headstock bolt and have use of a chuck instead of the face-plate, as they are a lot more versatile.

    Grizzly Industrial carries low-cost chucks that work decently, and some for a bit more that are really nice.
    They have a 4-jaw chuck with a 5/8″ diameter center hole that may work for you, you may even be able to tap it. It’s $25

  9. I have Grizzly’s G8784 and the extra jaws, and it works awesome and has expanded my capabilities a ton! I also have a set of jumbo jaws on order that will allow me to hold round pieces, such as bowls, from 6″ to 14″ in diameter by the outer top edge. And there are even bigger sets available as well, so having a chuck could really expand your capabilities beyond what a faceplate allows, and you don’t need to put holes in your work to attach it~

  10. @jumpa01
    Thanks I’ll keep my eye out for well pumps when I’m out in the farmland in the central valley – like I was today.

    - Otto

  11. @OttoBelden 3450 rpm 3 phase to spin in reverse you can get a lot of then from old well pumps. A well pump can also offer a few good bearings inside the bottom casing

  12. @lemire182
    I believe it’s 1/2 HP or maybe 1/4. It’s an old DC motor that I got from the garbage at a previous employer. You can check out my blog:
    and scroll down to the wood lathe links for more details of how I built it. I can adjust the speed while it’s running and the direction. I’m not sure what the top speed is, I’ve never had to go that fast ;-)

  13. @aiolos60
    Thanks! I’m glad that you like it. There is more detailed info on my blog as well as other projects if you are interested.
    - Otto

  14. Great job, Great vid, Thumbs up! Hope you check out my Floating Router Lathe. Uses a router to make copies. Sure you would enjoy seeing it!

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