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Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /home2/chris212/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/magic.php on line 304 Need to draw a circle? or rather Need to draw an accurate circle? One where the finishing point actually meets the starting point? M.POWERs Flat Lying Trammel Head Set will guarantee you exactly that. Simply clip the two Trammel Scribe heads onto any length of steel or Aluminium Rule from 6 inch to – feet in length. Choose the pencil or the hyper fine cutting blade and strike that arc. Reducing the innacuracy of the traditional pair of compasses! Another Excellent woodworking tool! Trammel Bar Compass vs. Flat Lying Compass Lets compare. Have you ever tried to draw an arc or circle with a radius nearly as long as your reach with trammel points? Due to the vertical orientation of traditional trammel points, while marking or scribing an arc or circle they must be held perpendicular (90-degrees) to the work piece at all times to ensure accuracy and precision, and if the blade to which you’ve secured them flexes a bit, your arc or circle is no longer true, and if the blade lays over (such as when youre off-balance from having over-extended your reach) you may get a wild mark or no mark at all as the blade flexes and the focal trammel point slips out of its hole. Unless you have really long arms and a super-rigid rule, its usually tedious, aggravating, and inaccurate. Can you see where laying the rules blade flat to the table top would solidify both the length and position of the marking apparatus? M.POWER’s Scribe Heads have been designed to lay flat on

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