Shop Made Router Lift Demo

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I built this router lift for about . In the video I said the carriage was constructed of 1/4″ plywood. I meant to say 1/2″. This lift works great! When you consider that you can spend hundreds of dollars on a factory lift, this is a solution that is worth considering.
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12 thoughts on “Shop Made Router Lift Demo

  1. COOL! I love home-made wooden tools. visit my channel and have a look at my wooden monsters. Pocket-hole drilling is my thing right now.

  2. @IrishWoodDoctor It is 4 pieces of 3/4″ MDF glued up to form the router holder. I then cut a circle the same size as the router using a circle cutter on my drill press. Using a rasp and file, I made grooves to accommodate the protruding parts of the router motor. It is a threaded rod. I use two nuts on the top and jammed them together. On the bottom I used a coupling nut but a regular nut would work as well. You just need to secure it on the bottom so it doesn’t spin freely.

  3. firsts of all thanks davetpilot for the demo. I made one for my router. I ran a rod all the way through the mdf and glued and screwed a 1 1/2 piece of hardwood 6″ below the MDF. I used 1/2 threaded rod and put a washer and nut on both ends. I then tack welded the nut in place on top. This guy just saved me alot of money! THANK YOU!

  4. That looks sweet! just one question, is it just a plywood box with the treaded rod going down through it and then you have the nut on the top and bottom?

  5. Hey Guys, thank you for all of the great comments. I know the clicking is annoying. I didn’t know what was causing it when I made the video. Someone pointed out that it was probably the auto-focus on my camera. I have a better camera now and will make another video, sans clicking.

  6. Great idea,need a couple T-track slots on the table and you have the best and least expensive router table going. elfkeeper 55

  7. Dude, Great router lift. I hope you don’t mind the rest of the world copying your design or at the very least imitating it.

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