@woodentoolcompany sounds good to me …

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Comment posted HOME-MADE WOODWORKING TOOL Pocket-hole Machine by rallykelly.

@woodentoolcompany sounds good to me

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    Love to see a quick video on the drawer dividers!
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    Great find on the drift wood. Surfing through youtube videos, I’ve noticed several builders use ann-white for a starting point, and diagrams. Creative addition on the towel holder, keep the projects coming brother, cheers.
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    hi jeremiah or jeremy?..i am from Philippines and i like your video and im looking forward to see more vids from you…i am eager to learn more about carpentry..i am agustin yu. takecare.. and thx again for the video you post.

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21 thoughts on “@woodentoolcompany sounds good to me …

  1. @BlackBlade0001 This is going to be a fun series…You folks wait to you see how this one plays out!!! Keep leaving those thumbs up and I hope you start “Loving” my video’s….You wanna see more of this dont ya!! I want more subs!! I got kids to feed.LOL!!! Everyone play safe and have fun doing it!! Wayne

  2. Looks like a great machine, would be interested in seeing how you constructed the beast! That board on the floor is hiding how the mechanism works!

  3. I hope this gets you folks excited! What gets me excited and allway leads to more video’s is Thumbs up!!!!Have fun and be safe and leave me those thumbs up!!

  4. @woodentoolcompany – It shows. I like your engineuity. Of course we can’t call it what we use to call it. We wouldn’t want to be politically incorrect or hurt someones feelings.

  5. @specialks1953 I used to spend alot of time fishing but got sick of it. Now I have fun inventing stuff. All in good fun!

  6. Hi
    Straight off I think your pocket hole jig is great.. Benny obviously hasn’t spent much time in a cabinet shop where things like this are never finished. They are a work in progress.

    I would love to build a similar rig for my shop here in Ottawa, Ontario.

    I am also interested in seeing your assembly technique. I currently pin nail the clad board togather and then drive screws through the the surface and into the end grain. As you say it does lead to puckers to often.


  7. @rallykelly I am thinking of doing a set of video’s to show how to make one of these. Anyone think this is a good idea. No comments from benny5825 please!

  8. You said you were going to do some videos on cabinet builds,if you mixed the videos,and not keeping showing the pocket machines it would be better,if i was you i would stick to two models a portable one and a workshop one ,and only post the videos when you have finished the design,only my thoughts.

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